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Smooth, Roger - Merry Xmas!
No shit. I'm thinking of sending to a volunteer with a US 10.5D foot for a comparo. Know any?
Thanks very much. I'll check it out. Where's Kirby's store?
Thanks - I like the Wensum sole on these.These fit about the same or maybe 5/8" - and seem a bit too long compared to other boots.2 on the GG06 and 2 on the MH71, all 9.5E. The Glencoe is a GG06.
On a happier note - breaking these in today:
Black, hmmm - I used some burgundy which didn't do much - shown in the pic.yes - see belowyes - see belowThey are too long, although they're the same size I take in Canterbury, Wigmore, and Thorpe. They wear about 1/2 size big on me.Should have returned them. This happened the first time I wore them - had them on a couple hours. I'll probably try to fix them up and flip 'em.Thanks, NewStart - no worries, all input helps. Cheers
I must have hit something - didn't realize it happened. First time out. ThanksYeah, but on the gd toe? (yes - Glencoe)Thinking about getting both toe caps refinished in a matching color - any ideas who's good at this?
Any thoughts on getting these repaired?
Any thoughts on getting these repaired?
Any thoughts on getting this repaired?
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