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Been awhile.
Or, maybe this: Chestnut hatch and Polo suede
Thinking about ordering these. Maybe suede on the shaft of the Wigmores. Any ideas re. which is the best color suede to go with the Vintage Oak (minimal contrast)? thanks WIGMORE - NO MEDALLION, MH 71, VINTAGE OAK AND OAK HATCH GRAIN CANTERBURY - color and last unspecified, but looks like some kind of Oak Grain.
This is the way to go.
I had some Nagrani's and liked the patterns and colors, but not the fit. Too tight in the calf. Sadly, all are gone.
"Even tho there are items I may not purchase...."I.E., the socks, mate.
Pretty wild socks there, Monty. I like 'em.
I've been getting ready to order some St C boots, but may have to go for a pair like yours. Super sharp.
Very nice, Cleav.
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