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Here's the USPS info:September 3, 2014 , 12:51 amProcessed Through Sort Facility .MALMO TOFTANAS, SWEDENYou're probably right, they'll just turn up one day - had that happen before, although usually I get a notice that the goods have hit Chicago.No rush, really - I have another pair of boots.
Here's the only info:02/09/2014 7:18 AM Toftanäs, Sweden The shipment item is under transportation
Or reindeer - or is that Iceland?
I'm going to send you some nice Zugs, if they ever leave Sweden!
DpprDr - please address questions and comments to my secretary, dddrees.
They look fantastic - cheers!
Great looking boot.
Yes - still in Sweden. It's so great there that they can't bear to leave, I guess.
Nice, Rog.Zug Zug Zug
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