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OK, thanks guys. I'm thinking of trying it with a Canterbury.
Just heard from him. Probably laying low for the holidays.
Very nice combo, Stitch. Is that the DG70? If so, is it noticeably tighter near the toes?
HaHa - great look but the tie looks to me a smidge wide for the lapels.
Thanks, unc - decided I have too much invested in winter gear to move.
Nice combos Burton and DC.
The whole thing is shearling lined. I'd say this is more of a evening bar hopping boot for snowy areas - Hokkaido, Aspen, Reykjavik, etc. - than a serious slogging boot.
Non-poncifed, shearling Herschung
My stylish new shearling lined, non-poncified Herschungs.
New Posts  All Forums: