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Well done, JubeiS.
Smokin', G. Love that patina.
Free advice: they won't fit and you'll end up flipping them at a loss.> You can get a new pair for not much more than he's asking.> They're too worn for the price.
That's right - forgot thaty you went on the cheap! You'd think G&G would be able to come up with something, though.
They look good - decided to go conservative for my first Deco's - darkened V. Oak.
I had Zugs but couldn't get the 64 last to fit me correctly - so sold them to a guy in CA.
Very nice, G. How do you like the beluga?
I didn't either - thanks to the keen eyes of @nycxandy(sorry I missed you the first time!), @JubeiSpiegel, @benjamin8451, and my stalwarts @grc1and @TtownMD for helping out.Now, I need to work on ignoring the imperfect vamp......3 shoe stretchers assist in relieving the top and occasionally other areas - well worth the investment.
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