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A fine looking crew, Patrik.
Very nice.
The most versatile of the suede colors. Brand new, unworn -- non-smoking home. Box and bags Commando soles New - 620 shipped - buy now for 20% off.
Thanks very much.
Black calf Canterbury from Skoak.
Just happened to be wearing them today - Canterbury w/rubber sole in black calf.
Hell yeah, practically free.
1/2 off suede Hampton last at Leffot - 8,8.5, 9 http://leffot.com/shop/index.php/sale/51670-captoe-snuff-suede.html
If you can't get a fitting then it's probably not really a $1000 risk - flippability (is that a word?) should get you at least 70% back if unworn except for try on (depending on the model and color combo).
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