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Could use the cash. Already have Glencoes.
Way to brighten things up,Ttown!
Leaves - is the fit between the 401 and 403 boots the same? It looks as if the 403 may fit a little wider. thanks, Jim
Does anyone have these? (Split toe boot) https://us.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/saint-crispins/products/saint-crispins-split-toe-boot-1 Wondering about the comfort around the ankle and the fit compared to a 401 boot. thanks!
Cheers, Cleve - lovely shot!
Super sharp, Jazz. You're the man!
Brand new OEM Panerai (OP) straps. New Standard length 125x75 24x22 for tang 1. Black calf 24/22 X 125/75 for tang $139 - A classic - can't go wrong - the OEM strap on many PAMs. 2. Tan Calf w/tan stitching 24/22 X 125/75 $139 Another classic. 3. Green Canvas 24/22 X 125/75 - $149 -This one is really sharp looking.
New Posts  All Forums: