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^ nice grain, J.
Brick? You talkin' BRICK? This'll PUMP YOU UP!
I agree.Lighter than a brick - it is ceramic.
I meant the Dark and Grey Moons - I tried a Grey on the other day and it seems to be about as thick as a Seamaster chrono. It looks pretty sharp and feels good on the wrist - slid under my shirt without problem.I wonder if the prices will hold up better than the other styles?
Looks like there's a flap. Try superglue then touch up smoothing over the tear. Good luck.
Anyone tried the new Omega Moon ceramics?
Good combo.
Have another pair of no. 8 ordered and selling these to make room. New, unworn - save $100. Price is shipped CONUS (OBO) - can ship anywhere there's a reasonable chance of delivery. Contact me with questions. thanks
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