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Ian, Been eyeing these for quite some time: My only concern is that they look a shade dark from the picture, almost black. Ideally, they'd be the same shade as the pair in the middle: Is the color of the Sutors any different in person than the picture? Anyone have these that can weigh in?
Get in line, pal.
Sorry to bump an old thread but didn't want to post a new one. Does anyone know which line of Santoni's these are and how the quality is? Apparently the retail is 900.
Can you send/post measurements for the small?
Price drop! Someone's got to pick these pants up.
Price drops and PRL shirt added!
As the title says - pair of beautiful wool NWT Incotex slacks with a ridiculous retail price (about $745 full retail, I believe). Bought these from another member a few weeks ago, but turned out to be an inch too small. Shame, would have loved to keep these. Waist is 30", rise is 10.75". Flat front (looks pleated in the picture, but it's just a crease in the fabric), unhemmed. Pictures below. FS for $150->$142->$131. Shirt is a White, Regent Classic fit & fc. MSRP...
Payment sent.
Quote: Originally Posted by bobdobalina Any recommendations for cheap reweaving (or skillful blended patching)? I would prize price over quality as the hole is smallish and on the buttocks, and I'm too ugly for anyone to bother paying close attention to my behind. Check out French American Reweaver. Not terribly cheap, but the guy is good.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH No, even if you don't wash them they get crease fades and such so fast. I actually never wash my jeans. That's right, never. How do you get rid of the nasty, sticky, gummy feeling that builds up after you haven't washed them for a while? Assuming it's sweat that dries on it.
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