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i'm going to wear some UB 21oz this winter. All my poorer fitting Sams and IHs going in the closest. Fell in love with the WG fit this summer xD
that's a perfect fit, why make them into jeggings?
a 21oz zero denim in the 710 cut would rock
Chinos are out in 4 styles in Urban Outfitters.
need measurements for that pair. The tate/yoko charts are generic measurements for the weird guy
What inseam?
where can you get the brown canvas model?
the legs don't stretch that much. I would size up one or two. I go TTS (with a lot of slouching:)) because my legs wouldn't fit otherwise. I'm sure many others do too.
Blue Owl blog. you must've missed it
looks like a chino and a 20+oz model are coming soon. I'll grab the 20+ oz model if it fits a little wider in the leg than the weird guy e2s
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