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wonder why no hemming for the heavy unbranded brands? They offered hemming on the E2s
i'm going to wear some UB 21oz this winter. All my poorer fitting Sams and IHs going in the closest. Fell in love with the WG fit this summer xD
that's a perfect fit, why make them into jeggings?
a 21oz zero denim in the 710 cut would rock
Chinos are out in 4 styles in Urban Outfitters. http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/search.jsp?q=unbranded
need measurements for that pair. The tate/yoko charts are generic measurements for the weird guy
What inseam?
Jay, any news on the Unbranded Chino and heavy weight? The Chino had an ETA of mid July. Insta cop!
where can you get the brown canvas model?
the legs don't stretch that much. I would size up one or two. I go TTS (with a lot of slouching:)) because my legs wouldn't fit otherwise. I'm sure many others do too.
New Posts  All Forums: