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As seen on Top Gear Episode 3 Season 19 Man on Left in both photos. It appears to be a oliive drab cotton material with sections of mexican blanket type material or patterned fabric. This is a long shot hoping someone knows it. My google fu must be weak because it revealed nothing.
I just nabbed a killer deal on some Vintage Shoes Nathaniel boots. They are suede and I plan on treating the suede somehow. Is it okay to use snoseal on suede and anyone have experience with it?
Saw a nice looking pair of boots at nordstrom by Aldo called the Eldringhoff. They are only $150 so obviously they wont hold a candle to a pair of USA made Red Wing Irons. I tried on a pair and they felt pretty good with the leather interior and seem to be built quite well. Does anyone have experience with ALDO boots? DO they last very long?
I know nothing of this but I imagine a wooden crate (much like the one containing the ark on indiana jones) spray painted with "Persol Sunglasses don't steal!" on it being carried away by some somali pirate.Really how does it work?
Can someone please explain to me how ebay sellers can sell 714's so freaking cheap if they are authentic. Looking at the ebay feedback doesn't seem they are selling fakes to tons of people 100% positive feedback on these. Are they buying authentic frames and putting in crappy lenses? Or are they just fakes? well under 200 for a 300 pair of sunglasses doesn't make sense.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Quick collection pic minus the LVs, Guccis and Pradas. Dude buy some carpet that craps from the 70's.
Quote: Originally Posted by Con Seanery ^^^LOL. @Despot: Speaking from the 80's perspective, it's exactly what MoM said. I lived in L.A. and San Diego where its 75 degrees or hotter most of the year. When you are young & into that scene, really the only clothes you own or care about are the things discussed in these threads. As a young skin you want to be identified as such, so you wear the clothes no matter what. If its day time & you're at the beach,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Man-of-Mystery Okay then we'd wear short sleeves. Having said that, when is it ever 'super hot' in Britain? I guess that's the stupid part of my question. After all the photos and descriptions I read I was wondering what a skinhead would do if he was stuck in Arizona or someplace humid like Texas he would probably die. but just as a hypothetical I was curious how the style would be translated.
Read through his whole thread. Very interesting! I appreciate you guys being so candid. This may be a dumb question but what would a skinhead where if it was ever super hot? Boots and long sleeves would be pretty uncomfortable.
I have some brogue boots that are already conspicuous enough for me but they sound like chicks high heels when I walk. Any way to silence them?
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