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I just received an XS Fang direct from SNS Herning. Been crazy worried I ordered the wrong size but couldn't get my head around the Tresbian model being 6'2 and wearing a small ... Thing is crazy heavy. 3lbs? Awesome. Fit is really weird. Runs longer, but with shorrt arms. I'd've liked to have tried a Small, but think it would've been too big.
Yes we still have a couple of medium black highs. At this stage in the game, We're totally not accepting exchanges or offering refunds or anything like that, so check your measurements very carefully at the start of the thread, cos they do come up small. We do have a couple of Large black highs left in stock if you do find the sizing differs from what you expected. Also, people PM'ing me here? Don't bother. I check in once in a blue moon. Email for...
We have red and royal blue ninjas in Hoods and high neck style. We have black left in high neck alone. just for prosperity and because I'm sort of friendly I will repeat my mantra: These things come up small, so check the measurements carefully as we no longer accept returns. All the pics are at the start of this thread. Colours are accurate enough, high neck detail is there, pics are small but descriptive.
Hey Mcfed there are a lot of Royal blue ninja highs and hoods and a few red pieces left but the blacks and greys are almost entirely gone in every size. Shoot me an email with what you want & I can see what's there. To everyone who's ordered anything in the last month, as far as I know it's all been shipped and you should be receiving your ninjas about now.
OK sale is back. I've done a stock take, and updated the list. NEW RULES: Vexed are waaaay too busy and simply not interested in messing around with returns anymore, so from this point on ALL SALES ARE FINAL. This sounds harsh but should not be a problem for you as long as you take the time to look up the size chart below before ordering rather than just ordering whatever size you are normally. SIZING. THESE GARMENTS COME UP SLIM. DO NOT ORDER A NINJA WITHOUT CHECKING...
I'm a full time Zen Shiatsu & Thai Massage therapist. You could try finding an experienced Shiatsu therapist and if they know what they're doing, you will get good results very quickly and ultimately the condition will disappear. Thai massage will provide some muscular pain relief but the effects will be shorter lived. Also, +1 on the acupuncture, though in my opinion it is getting very hard to find a proficient practitioner these days.
Sale is back on. I'm personally doing a stock take on Friday and will finally be able to get some detailed pics of fit and construction for anyone interested. Postthem up after the weekend.
Thanks, I appreciate the help. I'm not really a watch guy, but the utilitarian look of it caught my eye when I saw it posted on a graphic blog.
Just came across this, but have no idea who it was made by. Anyone know? Thanks in advance. [IMG][/IMG]
Been a while. I visited the Oliver Goldsmith showroom in London earlier in the week and due to production costs they've raised the prices on their custom made frames like the ones above to £350, which makes these even more of a bargain ...
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