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In the Houston Galleria, the Ralph Lauren store had three people working in the front when I walked in. The first who saw me was talking to one of his co-workers about something so he said "Hi" and carried on his conversation. The other young guy there was dressed in a charcoal suit, black oxfords, a glen plaid pocket square, and I don't remember his tie. I do remember, however, that he was very polite and greeted me properly. There was another lady who was working...
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji If they have a leather sole is it possible to wear them outside or well they be ruined? if they have leather soles, i think they'd work just as well as suede loafers or oxfords. i'm not entirely sure of what would happen to velvet in the elements and i did a quick google search in which nothing came up
Quote: Originally Posted by rioni You should have grabbed all of the Isaia at that price for resale. Also, I've never seen Pantharella at marshalls... has anyone else? Yes, I was thinking about buying a pair at the Marshall's here. Then, I decided that I didn't sincerely want them.
i believe that they have a good report here on style forum. i just know that they look good! and, i think velvet slippers can be worn with a smoking jacket, a robe, etc. i'm not sure that it's appropriate to wear them with a tuxedo, though i'd like to see how it looks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zenny There is no such thing as "Women's Style" watch Annette Bening in "The Women". I think that's women's style.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pengranger From the Spectator porn thread... my personal favourites. Hope the OP's don't mind me posting. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?p=1209066 Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty I wear specs with my beige linen trousers This $148 (retail $495) Martegani saddle oxford would also...
Quote: Originally Posted by polar-lemon Only if his legs are 500% longer in proportion to his torso than in real life, apparently. Back in that day, did more men not wear their pants higher around their abdomen/near the end of their stomach which would give them the look of very long legs? I think this is what is illustrated in the picture above.
they look nice. i think when shell creases, they are fat. they're not as small as calf creases and sometimes i see a white color in the creases
Quote: Originally Posted by Prospero Greetings, As you can clearly tell from my post count, I'm new here; I should add that "here" encompasses not only these forums, but the entire sartorial plane. I am, when it comes to this topic, woefully uninformed on even the basics of "how to dress." I do not have any real need to change my wardrobe, or to raise the standard on how I dress, but I do have the desire to do both. While I may not throw out my...
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