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i think this is my favorite kind of design for knit ties
here are a few from me. may be kinda odd to you guys but for the strangest ones, i will give explanations. This is the least odd. I did a shirt for an upcoming Church conference with similar colors and thought they went well. Now, these last two are for former or current sneaker/ Jordan enthusiasts like myself. If you know his shoes, you will automatically be able to tell that these both were inspired by the Grape V's. Classics in the sneaker...
if you mean tuxedos and you need it soon, check e-bay. if just a suit's required, i'd get a navy blue double breasted. dark tie, black shoes, white pocket square (if you aren't confident enough to do different colors yet).
i thought of soft pink or a light blue color. white could probably work as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar If Jesus was still around , i will definitively go to church... The same conservative scene calling incessantly his name would have been the first ones to kill him for being a socialist. Not me Happy Resurrection Sunday (or Jesus-got-up-day) to everyone
white shirt, white square, navy tie
i may wear a button down shirt in either white/ light blue/ pink and a bow tie in a maroon pattern, navy pattern, green pattern, gray pattern, etc. gray pants, probably, and brown/ maroon loafers or brown/ maroon split toe bluchers.
well, i don't know what you should do as far as buttons. but, for some answers that are definitlely good regarding men's style, look at the old Apparel Arts or Esquire images. There are 3 pictures that I can remember off top that have men in morning coats. I believe on of them has more than one man illustrated so try those. EDIT: here's on of those pictures.
Quote: Originally Posted by SwedishFish Use white thread IMO, white mother of pearl buttons would look much nicer. +1. white or off white thread (only use off white if the buttons are off white)
just bad. in months past, i likened pre-folded pocket squares to clip on ties. they are equally sad in my opinion. it's not hard to find how to fold a pocket square or tie for anyone who cares. too many things can be found on the internet. when people don't even want to do a 13 second google search of how to do something as easy as this, it shows that they really don't care
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