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what if i'm an ugly obese fatty but i love myself? this is how i feel. i don't think that i'd trade my fat body or pitch black skin (which is also a problem for a lot of people) for anything. i find that white people (females, especially) hate themselves for having enough body fat to where they can grab their skin. it's also a race thing. when fat black women feel they're acceptable, fat white women want to blow their brains out. the whole situation is pretty sad
here is one that is maybe my favorite. cell phone pics are of bad quality but someday i will have something better, Lord willing. i still need to take some pics of my others.
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 You've answered you own question already. Stick with the known and avoid the unknown and potential hassle. I agree with this
almost a year ago, I had a Carlos Torano Signature in a robusto I believe. I had other cigars that seemed good before this, but after this smoke, it seems like it is the one I think about most often. Anybody else like them? It was a maduro or an oscuro, closer to the latter. What do you all think about them?
i think the first shoe a man should buy is either a brown cap-toe or burgundy cap toe balmorals. brown/ maroon go with more than black. they go with everything except black clothes to me so they would be my first choice
I would. I remember a poster here did a gray suit with a white shirt, black tie, and black monk straps (i think) with a regular white square (i think). looked great.
button boots, there was a black pair on e-bay that i wanted to buy which i think were from the early 20th century.
Random Harvest takes the cake.
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur I think ANYONE can look good in a DB suit, as long as it's the proper fit for the person. This message brought to you by common sense. +1. I hate when people say stuff like alot of people in this thread. The opinions are buns, word to Mrs. Baird.
i think the OP should wear a red square instead of white or anything else.
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