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Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 You've answered you own question already. Stick with the known and avoid the unknown and potential hassle. I agree with this
almost a year ago, I had a Carlos Torano Signature in a robusto I believe. I had other cigars that seemed good before this, but after this smoke, it seems like it is the one I think about most often. Anybody else like them? It was a maduro or an oscuro, closer to the latter. What do you all think about them?
i think the first shoe a man should buy is either a brown cap-toe or burgundy cap toe balmorals. brown/ maroon go with more than black. they go with everything except black clothes to me so they would be my first choice
I would. I remember a poster here did a gray suit with a white shirt, black tie, and black monk straps (i think) with a regular white square (i think). looked great.
button boots, there was a black pair on e-bay that i wanted to buy which i think were from the early 20th century.
Random Harvest takes the cake.
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur I think ANYONE can look good in a DB suit, as long as it's the proper fit for the person. This message brought to you by common sense. +1. I hate when people say stuff like alot of people in this thread. The opinions are buns, word to Mrs. Baird.
i think the OP should wear a red square instead of white or anything else.
i think this is my favorite kind of design for knit ties
here are a few from me. may be kinda odd to you guys but for the strangest ones, i will give explanations. This is the least odd. I did a shirt for an upcoming Church conference with similar colors and thought they went well. Now, these last two are for former or current sneaker/ Jordan enthusiasts like myself. If you know his shoes, you will automatically be able to tell that these both were inspired by the Grape V's. Classics in the sneaker...
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