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Anvil? I don't believe I've ever heard of it. What side of Houston is it on? I'm guessing somewhere on Westheimer.
So, would late October be good? And, would everyone else be ok with that? I imagine that if enough people comment here, we can vote.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it to the last meet up with you guys. What do you all think about another meet up? When and where?
Hello, gentlemen. I found a pair of vintage shoes labeled "Hanover" on eBay today and I wondered if anyone had any information on them. Thank you all. Jordan
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack Dude, just have the waist taken in 3 inches and wear a belt. Or wait a few years, you'll probably fit Don't throw away your family history. The pants are probably made for suspenders. Are their buttons inside the waist? +1 Keep the suit. If you don't, there will be that day that you regret what you did.
I like these, especially the cap toes and both pairs of wing tips. How much would a pair of light brown/ orange split toes cost in calf?
try ebay. they have different shades of blue Meltonian shoe polish. I have seen navy and i think there's royal and another one too.
almost bought some, yes in the winter
hmmm, I first thought of suggesting that you buy it and have the shoulders and waist taken in a small bit and see. I, personally, like to see a small amount of room in between peoples' bodies and the jackets they're wearing. It seems to have more of a classic fit this way. I should have proceeded with that thought. What do you think of that?
In this slim fit world, it looks to be too big for you everywhere. the shoulders are definitely much too large. is a size down available?
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