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I feel your pain. Last time I measured (i think 07), I was 6'3.5". I have long arms and I'm pretty fat too. My feet are size 13-14 (different brands, different sizing) and they're wide. If you're just starting out like I am, you should look at eBay. I bought some new shoes and a couple of pairs of new shorts for a nice price and they see to fit well. Especially the shoes. Yes, the shoes. I have also bought a couple of shirts from there that were new and fit me...
Who ever said something like that?
Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle so instead i should wear a tent and look like im 30 lbs overweight? no, but your clothes shouldn't look painted on.
tight clothes that people say "fit": small pants, small shirts, small suits. your clothes should not fit your nephew better than they fit you.
the whole slim fit thing is pretty horrible. soon people will wonder what they were thinking wearing tight clothes and claiming they "fit".
I want to see them, now. lol. You could take a cell phone picture and e-mail them to your e-mail address. this is a fast and easy way.
I just looked up Anvil and it seems as though they'd be a nice place to go. The other ideas sound cool too. Either way, I'm down.
Most any shoe in a department store is not your friend. Unless you are in a higher end department store, you probably shouldn't buy shoes there. The most formal shoes (usually used for business and occasions like weddings/ Church services) are called Balmorals. The less formal version of these is called Bluchers. They are both laced shoes, but Balmorals have closed lacing while Bluchers have open lacing. Stay on this site for a time and you'll probably learn this...
Quote: Originally Posted by JetBlast I may go with a pair off eBay since I already know my size (11D). Any recommendations for sellers? There is an Allen Edmonds store on eBay. I was just there where they had shoes for about $180 that I believe normally cost $325.
^Lol, if you want we can wait. And, now that I think about it, if it would be held at the last week of October, I would not be able to make it. But, earlier or later should be fine.
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