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yesterday, i bought a gray suit with a very soft white double windowpane pattern going on. i want to wear a white shirt and a maroon striped tie. there are some brown shoes i'd like to wear with this suit. the only problem is that i really don't know if the suit and the brown shoes will go well together. any advice is appreciated. P.S.- I will post pictures of them together if anyone wants me to.
uh oh, is that another problem? i'm not thin at all. i'm a big guy and i'm tall too-6'4". i guess i got it all wrong then.
the one i was planning on buying is very similar to the hugo boss suit. the reason i asked for suggestions about the outfit is because i'm new to the whole men's fashion thing. i didnt know if either of these things i'd like to wear would be appropriate for a wedding.
I have some questions about what is appropriate attire for a wedding. I thought about buying a gray suit with a white button down. I was also thinking about a light blue/ white plaid tie or even a purple/ white one. the shoes i will have on will most likely be black, with a similar style to either the Florsheim Carletons or the Florsheim Edgar. Does anyone have any suggestions on the suit color, shoe, or anything else in this outfit?
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