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also, has anyone ever heard of Daswani tailors?
Hi again, everyone. Been a while since I've been around. Anyway, does anyone know anything about Ventura bespoke by Tom James? I found a coat on eBay in my size and got it, it's just a little short and tight in the upper arms (but I guess it was made for someone shorter, I can't complain). Also, is there any info about how good regular Tom James bespoke is? Thanks guys.
If I lost anything, it would probably not be the pocket square. I would probably lose the tie first, though I'm not recommending that. I think you should dress as you described in your post and, as JayJay said, make sure they're aware of the coat requirement. Happy birthday bro, enjoy it.
I think knit ties would work here. I would also wear suits and ties.
Almost everythingI've bought in the last year is because of this (and other) style fora. What I've got: a ton of ties about 8 ascots some bow ties at least 3 sweaters maybe 7 pairs of shoes? 2 suits 9 or 10 (or so) shirts 7 pocket squares there's more, though i know it's not a lot as i'm on a college budget
Every answer has been a definite help to me. Right now, I'm thinking more of the Cheaney shoes because their looks and prices are good for me. Thanks for answering! Jordan
Hello everyone, I just had a couple of quick questions regarding a few shoe brands. I was wondering about: 1. Herring shoes 2. Loake 3. Cheaney What is the quality like on each of these? Is the price right for the quality, too high, or too low? Thanks guys Jordan
Quote: Originally Posted by agavilanes That's called "the security guard" look. That's called "the suit" look But you can't say that this is not arguably the best combination for a blazer and trousers, though.
Navy blue and almost any gray go together. I don't know why they look nearly perfect for each other. Just one of those things, I guess.
I feel your pain. Last time I measured (i think 07), I was 6'3.5". I have long arms and I'm pretty fat too. My feet are size 13-14 (different brands, different sizing) and they're wide. If you're just starting out like I am, you should look at eBay. I bought some new shoes and a couple of pairs of new shorts for a nice price and they see to fit well. Especially the shoes. Yes, the shoes. I have also bought a couple of shirts from there that were new and fit me...
New Posts  All Forums: