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Hello, everyone. I'm a big guy with a relatively skinny and long neck. I was measured as having a 19 inch neck. The thing is that when I get shirts in a 19 neck, most of them are loose and i have too much space between my neck and the collar. But, a couple shirts I already own are the right size for me and are labelled as 19. I am thinking about ordering a Jantzen shirt just to try them out, but what if the collar is too large at the 19 that I'm going to give them? ...
Hello, everyone. I recently bought a pair of Faconnable shoes. They look sort of like this pair of Allen Edmonds I've seen and they say that they're made in the U.S.A. Does anyone have a clue as to who they're made by? Thank you.
I got a bow tie that says "A Sulka & Company" on the back. Found it on eBay for about $.99. I am very happy with my purchase. Maybe I'll post pics later!
To me, being a gentleman means acting and dressing a certain way...
I said I would put pictures up...so I shall...
if my pants had a black/ white pattern like houndstooth or herringbone, I think that I'd wear a black jacket
thanks for that bit on info, apropos. how many coats do you think will give me the greatest benefit?
I'm not sure, exactly, Mr. Grant. These are Florsheim Imperial Wing Tips with a V cleat. I just got them in....no pictures yet, bet here's the auction....by the way, they fit wonderfully...moreso than any shoe I have owned... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...=STRK:MEWNX:IT
No, I plan on wearing them. I went to the post office to pick them up but the carrier had left by then. They should be here later on today at around 3.
Hello, all. I just got some vintage shoes off eBay and am not sure how to care for them. I know some of the members here buy vintage shoes and wondered exactly what you do to keep your shoes in good shape. I was thinking that I should clean and put leather conditioner on them and maybe leather lotion afterward. Then, maybe some shoe cream or wax every few wears. What do you think about this?
New Posts  All Forums: