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Does anyone have 13EEE that they are looking to get off their hands?
What up SF? It's been a while since I've been here. A couple boring pics. Wool grandpa sweater, too long cords, Polo socks, first wear for these Aldens.
I found a large (8.75 oz) container of this scent recently and bought it. I have looked on the Histoires de Parfums website but found no information regarding this scent. Does anyone have any useful information about this scent? Thanks in advance folks. Jordan
Hopefully a jacket. Or, I may attempt to sell this stuff.
Olive green tweed with blue and orange, brown and green plaid, Holland & Sherry. I think it's about 3 yards or so.
Today, I walked into a thrift store and was looking around at some stuff when I came to the back corner. I then looked up and noticed a large roll of some nice green tweed fabric. So, I walked over to it and took a look. Turned out to be Holland & Sherry. So, I thought I'd ask how much it was per yard. The lady told me the whole roll was $20. Needless to say, I was pretty excited. I still have yet to roll it out and see just how much I have. If you all want a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sonny58 I found this photo in my archives... Perhaps something like this would be a good pairing. Love it
Quote: Originally Posted by Sonny58 Thanks to those of you who offered me feedback on my original posting. I tried to take it to heart and as a result came up with the following. To be more specific, I tried to go for more contrast, shorter trousers and lighter shoes. I also included the apparently requisite robot pose with some photos of details attached. Again, I will be very appreciative of any constructive criticisms. [[SPOILER]] I like the shirt,...
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Office Day. Trou were freshly pressed before wearing; this is the result of sitting for 4 hours. Note: I really need to start taking pictures from a higher angle - these all make me look like a pear.Details. [[SPOILER]] I like this a lot...I wore something similar last week but with cream linen pants, cream shirt and no square. what color is the tie?
So, they'll just ignore my order and go about their normal business? Hmmm, how about that.
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