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Manolo is one of my regular blog visits. He has great taste.
Threedifferent.com had some linen suits by Boglioli at good prices the last time I looked
Quote: Originally Posted by JDelage What is your favorite loafer design? I like the J.M.Weston classic penny loafer and their new Claridge loafer, which is not an apron design - it looks a bit like a whole cut, but slip on. I like the classic 180 Weston. If the Claridge was available in a colour other than black it would be perfect. It's a gorgeous shoe, but I don't like black slip-ons.
I've seen her around quite a few times. She looks much better in the flesh than the first photo above would suggest. Much more like the second. A class act (trans: I would, without hesitation)
The site launched today and I've been having a look around it. Some super stuff, well presented. The editorial isn't bad either - certainly better than most men's magazines. Good to see a couple of surprises in the "Icons" section (Glenconner) along with the usual suspects. The brand selection is first rate: Incotex, Sunspel, Smedley, Drakes, Tautz, Margaret Howell, Lobb, SNS Herning, APC are my favourite labels and it's super to find them all in the same place. There's...
I'll try, but I agree that it's not likely to be a target for fakers. Boglioli is something of an insider's brand. There are a couple of legitimate companies who copy Boglioli's style fairly closely. Also Boglioli makes jackets for in-house collections by other stores including Arthur & Fox in Paris.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar The guy must have been stuck in a time warp.. The hotel decor sucks , nostalgia or not... He looks like he's just voted in some Soviet-era "election"
It hasn't launched where I am yet (France) - the site says it's launching on the 22nd. But a good line up nonetheless. A couple of my favourite designers (Margaret Howell, Drakes, Tautz) are there.
Quote: Originally Posted by ndw (via sartorialist) (via sartorialist) If the first guy were to remove those f***ing gloves from his pocket, this would be my all-time favourite Sart photo. Like the second too.
Quote: Originally Posted by geoffmartin17 I agree ^^ Can't understand all the hate directed towards him here... He always has that playfully formal english look about him "Hate" is a bit strong, though thanks to the internet everyone in the public eye has a small but vicious band of critics. Lasbar gets it right - he's promoting his RTW line over Norton & Sons and if you have read the London Lounge over the past few years you'll have...
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