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Quote: Originally Posted by swiego Thanks everyone, this has been very helpful. For closed toe footwear like some of the things linked, aren't there sweat issues associated with wearing these but not wearing socks? Also, what option(s) make sense for extended walking, say 4 hours of walking over a 6 to 7 hour stretch, which is not unusual when we go out for the day? I've found unlined leather boat shoes worn without socks don't cause...
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc ^Yes, Hedi Slimane got the whole "skinny cords" thing going again back in 2003 or so. A lot of others then followed suit. I have a few pairs of slim-cut APC cords and corduroy suits dating from the five years before that. For a while APC seemed to be the only place doing slim cord trousers. I love cords!
Boat shoes, no socks (obviously ;-)). What are your driving mocs like? You could wear those, too. I wouldn't go for sandals.
Nice coat. I like wool-linen blends, it's an interesting texture.
Another vote for the "discretion" of the Dainite sole on C&J chukkas. There is a leather sole model; consult the catalogue here: http://www.crockettandjones.fr/actu.php as I can't remember the name.
I've come across this brand in Paris. It's not bad - the quality seems to be on a par with other mid-range Italian casual labels like Aspesi. Some designs can be a bit overdone (weird fabrics, too many zips or buttons) but I think a simple sportcoat would be ok, depending on price. What's the price of the coat you fancy?
Avoid buying English shoes in Paris for now: Sterling is at an all-time low vs the Euro, making the already inflated premium for Church's, Edward Green and so on even worse.
I've been recommended the Snowdon for harsh weather too. Though that's harsh British country weather - what you get in Quebec is of a different order. It's a nice boot, but to be honest if I was likely to be up to my knees in slush and serious snow I'd go for a technical boot purpose made for the purpose. Ugly, of course - but no-one would see them, as they'd be covered in snow. I like the Alden boots too.
What about Crombie? Classic: http://www.crombie.co.uk/p/Category_Men_Coats/1679.htm Double breasted: http://www.crombie.co.uk/p/Category_Men_Coats/4626.htm Selection: http://www.crombie.co.uk/c/Category_Men_Coats.htm
I like 'em. I like these collaborations - I have a pair of Trickers boots for Margaret Howell which get a lot of wear in winter.
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