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I have a couple of shirts. They're slim-fitting, in good fabrics and reasonably well-made, though to my mind suited to a casual no-tie look. A good match for Incotex chino linos. I can't find a "Made in Italy" label anywhere on my shirts: Perhaps shirts sold in your part of the world will name the place of manufacture. I like all the Slowear brands (Montedoro raincoats and Zanone knitwear/polos are the others). It's a nice look - but expensive at full price,...
Thank you!
Hello, I'm thinking of buying a Boglioli "K Jacket" in cashmere this winter (I might be able to get a deal on one). Does any forum member have any experience of how the cashmere holds up to everyday wear? I have a couple of Boglioli jackets, both K line and Coat, and find the cut and styling suits me. My main concern, though, is the quality of the cashmere. Does it pill? Does it keep its shape, or need special treatment? Thanks in advance.
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