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Quote: Originally Posted by LesterSnodgrass This is why we need a dedicated "I saw another SF member" thread. Like those ones in low-budget tabloids. Ghey? Sure. But might be fun. Chief Spoo -- make it happen ... Ha! It's quite bizarre. Saw this guy in Charvet, heard the accent, thought, "I bet he reads SF" and oddly enough...
This is going to sound weird but I think I might have been there at the same time. I was buying a pocket square and some eau de toilette. Herringbone double-breasted jacket, blue tie. If you're the couple I'm thinking of, you're both very well-dressed!
Quote: Originally Posted by Ich_Dien He's really gone to town on the trouser length again. Full marks!
Nope. They're both about the same price.
London always works out cheaper for me.
They're now doing untipped madder ties
Kitsuné makes some really nice pieces. Quality is good for what is essentially a fashion brand. Much of it is made in France (extremely rare these days for non-couture) and they collaborate with "heritage brands" like Saint James so that's commendable, to my mind. I quite like this suit; nice colour and the trousers are a decent cut. I don't mind short jackets (even in "classic mens clothing" I prefer to stray on the shorter side rather than too long) but the length is a...
Ha! If any one can ID it, please let me know! The Moff knows the power of a good coat, doesn't he?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ewan Yep, Steve really knows his stuff! If you are a fan, you should check out his blog about recreating David Tennant's iconic coat: Making My Tennant Coat He'd better get stitching - it looks like Matt is getting a new coat (spoilers)
Quote: Originally Posted by Marcellionheart The second looks like a Donegal and Shetland tweed. You might find this blog of interest: http://eleventhdoctorcostume.blogspo...ed-jacket.html Blimey. And I thought I was a Doctor Who obsessive! Good work, whoever is writing that blog.
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