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Link doesn't work for me either. There is a Carmina store in Paris: 4 Avenue de l'Opera. Fantastic place.
Thanks for posting all this, there are some super looks there!
Didn't know Christophe Lemaire was at Hermès now, I used to love his menswear circa 1998-2002
Pity many of them are so foul. Some of John Lobb's recent releases have been very nice: I think the Darby II is the most beautiful shoe they've come up with in ages.
In that case, Carmina is your best bet. They really are super shoes and easily on a level with C&J. My preference is aesthetic, Carmina's tend to be more European in style, as you'd expect! Have fun shopping there.
They had a notice in their window recently declaring that Paris prices were now the same as those in Madrid (previously Carmina Paris had been pricier). I bought a pair of Cordovan boots there for 450 euros (an absolute steal - they are terrific boots). As far as I can remember, these were the most expensive shoes in the shop. Leather shoes were around 250-350 euros if I recall correctly. Cheaper than C&J where prices are 350-550 euros. In terms of quality of build and in...
I tried a pair of Incotex's new "Skin Slim" trousers and also PT-01's "Super Slim" range and believe me, after that loose and baggy would come as blessed relief. They were comically tight and I have puny legs. Incotex also has pleated trousers in its regular "slim" cut this year. They look a bit weird - large around the arse but trim in the legs.
Some interesting items from the E Tautz archives on display at Oki-Ni: This riding jacket from 1907 looks terrific: I hope Patrick Grant revives it in a future collection.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fred H. True, but let's celebrate that 5% ! Such as Christina: Sweet Jesus
Quote: Originally Posted by goldknots HHD, was it a one button Herringbone blazer and brown suede boots? If so, nice blazer! Thank you for the compliment. It was double-breasted, quite a large herringbone pattern. And yes, the Styleforum standard issue C&J brown suede Tetburys. Small world!
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