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Quote: Originally Posted by dennis1024 I got a bunch of buttons in different colours with a K. Jacket I ordered from them, one of each color and not the same buttons as the one on the jacket. Does anyone know what these are for? It's just part of the price tag and label. K Jackets on retail have the coloured buttons and a price tag threaded through the lapel pocket; I suppose it makes the jackets stand out when they're on display in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Has this been posted here yet? Bold, but rather fetching, outfit I think. Orange and purple are not two colours I'd naturally think of putting together, especially in such disparate patterns, but she looks good in them. That's a lovely photo!
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Just started watching recently with the lady. Just finished series 1 of the new iterations (starting 2005). A few episodes into series 2. My favorite episodes so far are - The one with the gas mask kid - The one with the french princess They seemed like a good mix of action, mystery and enough sentimentality. I really cared about the storyline and the new characters introduced in those (the princess,...
Quote: Originally Posted by gianluca The guy is Mr Roberto Mancini, trainer of Mancester City Team, wearing BOGLIOLI KJACKET in 100% CASHMERE FELT, size 48 I wanted that jacket and 48 is my size. Mancini beat me to it. Though I am pleased to hear he is currently teaching the people of Manchester how to dress ;-)
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Roberto Mancini. Now coach. Of course. I remember him at Sampdoria. Smashing player.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar He just looks like a builder going on his fag break... Careful Lasbar. That doesn't mean the same thing in the US as it does in Britain.
Green jackets = Alan Partridge. You'd think someone living in the UK would be aware of this.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Is he a footballer? Looks familiar. I like his scarf and the Boglioli cashmere jacket isn't too shabby either. I was looking for one in that colour a couple of years ago.
I hate those moments when you can't tell if the woman is pregnant or fat.
P&P prices are absurd. The price quoted for shipping a tie to France was upwards of 32 euros. I cancelled the order. I'll stick with Drakes, who can do next day delivery to France for under €15.
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