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Prices have gone up quite a lot by the sound of things.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ich_Dien Ha ha ha
I have this (bought at sale price): http://www.mrporter.com/product/300398 Its colour isn't very summery, unless you are British. And I expect it's too cosy for summerwear outside the British Isles. It There is a paler beige model which should go on sale soon too.
I like the boutique, but I haven't bought anything. They have three ranks for pricing: Plastic, which I believe is upwards of €500, then horn (€900 plus, if I recall correctly) and of course shell, for which prices can run into the thousands. The blonder the tortoise shell, the more expensive the specs. It's a truly beautiful material: Suffice to say the difference between even the finest plastic and the real thing is easily distinguished. It seems to glow. I'm Anglo-Saxon...
Quote: Originally Posted by Flartchy One way to keep the pickpockets away in Barcelona
The colour in the eBay photos is magnificent, it's a shame they don't look as good in the flesh. I have a pair of Incotex cords in a sort of indigo / ink which has a touch of purple. I wear them with navy and a green tweed jacket with a fine purple check pattern. They look good with a charcoal overcoat too. If you are into British style, indigo/purple colours look good with fawn covert coats.
I've met him too. He's a nice chap. Very sharp and driven. As far as style is concerned, he seems to go for a mix of cult Italian designers (Slowear, Aspesi), Japanese brands and heritage UK labels, mostly in subtle blues and greys. He wears them well. I think he's very aware that he's playing a larger-than-life role as Monocle's globe-trotting international design eminence and he plays up to that in his FT column. There's a degree of self-parody that you either get or...
Quote: Originally Posted by VelvetGreen Sockless loafers, white shirt with two buttons undone, navy blue sports jacket, Omega, Persols and a bit of wax in your hair. Congratulations babes, you now own a 'little something' in Knightsbridge, London, and drive to the country at the weekend in your E-type Jag - 'Daddy's Motor' - with a case of champagne in the back and a BlackBerry absolutely brimming with tasty diamond brokery...
Another vote for Matt Smith. He's currently ahead of Tom Baker for me. I've been watching this show for 35 years and didn't think anyone would be better than Tom. A brave choice by The Moff, but it certainly paid off. I'm happy to see more episodes in the autumn, though nostalgia plays a large part in this sentiment: I used to love watching Who on dark evenings when I was a kid in the 70s. Viewing figures might be higher in autumn and winter, I suppose, but Doctor Who has...
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