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And of course, perhaps the most famous tweed fan in the universe...
I'm interested to see the outcome of this project. I'm always surprised by how many OTR jackets and blazers don't have secure internal pockets; I could certainly do with a jacket with enough zips and buttons on its inside pockets to keep phones/wallets from falling out. As for the plans Simon discusses in his post, it does indeed sound more like a safari jacket than a blazer. I don't think he needs to go so far with the flapped external pockets, even though it's true that...
They're all 3/2 roll in real life. I have no idea why Yoox buttons all three.
I have the same. I wore it more or less non-stop last winter. Superb quality. for Boglioli
There are still plenty of J+ items in all sizes at Uniqlo Paris, if anyone is in town now or in the near future. It's a nice collection. Knitwear is excellent, some of the jackets are very "Margaret Howell" in style.
Smedley Sea Island cotton is expensive but very good. It's possible to find previous seasons on eBay and Yoox at reduced prices.
*gazes longingly into the distance* Aye, I remember that tie. Grey and purple it were, with a fine white stripe on her. Finest tie I ever did see.Some bastard scored the last one from Drakes before I ordered.
That Balmain coat is available on Mr Porter:
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