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Does anyone know who makes them? I tried on a couple of Drake's new jackets in their Clifford St shop. Style-wise they're slightly unstructured: Not in the slouchy, cardigan-like sense as they're quite neatly tailored at the waist. The shoulders are soft, but more built up than, say, Boglioli's shoulders. In all, fitting with the "English style interpreted by Italians" aesthetic Drakes says it's aiming for. There's a lovely soft green tweed which caught my eye, as well...
I spotted Richard Hurndall but thought I ought to attempt to retain a modicum of dignity ;-) Warwick is lost on me , though: Unless an actor who was in four episodes of Earthshock counts... that would show five star geekiness on behalf of the N&L team!
Some interesting names for New & Lingwood's latest coats and jackets... Troughton, Baker, Cushing, McGann, Eccleston:
I tried the Harris tweed DB yesterday - the "1940s jacket" as they're calling it. Very nice coat, but more like a pea coat than a jacket... I expected it to be shorter.
Good post - I'm thinking of doing the same myself with my New Standards.
Le Bon Marché is open this Sunday as there is a "Très Bon Marché" week (sales - around 30 percent off certain lines).No Arnys, but it stocks Gallo socks in the men's dept on the ground floor. There's a selection of Drakes scarves on the same level and the basement level is currently hosting a pop-up shop based on London fashion: More Drakes scarves plus pocket squares (the Drakes medieval tapestry pochettes are available singly in red and olive green).
Very good - is that from this season's collection? Hackett has been very slow this year in updating stock on its website
Some Nigel Cabourn Harris Tweed: And a retro mac by APC which is in the shops now:
A tweed bag by Cherchbi Harris tweed by Kitsuné ... and APC Nice green tweed from The Armoury: ... and again
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