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It was founded by the sons of the people behind Comptoir des Cotonniers (French bobo women's wear chain).
There are quite a few Kooples stores here in Paris and their advertisements are everywhere. Looks-wise it has a kind of skinny jeans / vintage military / big hair thing going on which reminds me of The Strokes or APC a few years ago. Kids who attended posh schools in the 6th arrondisement used to dress that way before that. It's a good look on youngsters, definitely. I've never bought anything there so can't comment on quality.
Desfossé, 19 Ave Matignon: 01 43 59 95 13
It's a nice jacket and certainly better looking than what most Parisians are wearing at this time of year. RL is much appreciated over here so you won't look out of place. Plus it appears to have plenty of secure zipped pockets which will keep the inevitable Metro pickpockets at bay (Les Champs-Elysées have become quite bad for petty crime, mostly aimed at tourists, in the past year. Yet another reason to avoid what the French still insist on calling "the most beautiful...
Albert Goldberg is reportedly vacating Old England, selling out to Richemont which plans to convert the building into France's largest watch boutique. Richemont owns Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre and IWC and hopes to capture some of the €600m sales Chinese tourists bring to the Opera / Place Vendôme / Grands Magasins neighbourhood. Le Tribune says that Richemont is paying 15m to facilitate the exit of Old England, which has been owned by Goldberg for couple of years....
In Paris, French Trotters, Old England and Anatomica (in the Marais). In the UK, The Bureau sells Aldens online. Ich_Dien is right, though: European prices for Alden are quite high compared to US rates and you can get a much better shoe for the same price.
Nice jacket.
Did you see this? The Oban in bronze. According to it was released in Japan but is now available in the UK.
I saw the Ullswater in Jermyn Street last week, they're fine looking shoes. There's a tan colour, slightly darker than Tricker's acorn, which looks particularly good. They manage to combine a certain elegance with a sturdy country appeal - I'm definitely considering a pair on my next visit.
A variation on 4. The Pole Dancer, regularly spotted in Paris: Fat people who prop their bottoms against the support, grasping the pole between their ample buttocks.
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