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Massimo Dutti does a pretty good high-street version of that Italian luxury casual look.
Their winter collection jackets were £995.
Good to see some ties in khaki - I like that dark khaki striped grenadine. I'm happy to see they've bumped up the raw silk ties to 8cm. I have a 7cm one which feels too narrow. On the other hand, I like madder ties in narrower widths.
Nice work, thanks. I've never come across a 100 percent cotton jacket that I've loved, so I'll be interested to see these. I usually prefer linen / silk / wool mixes.
Agreed. I like everything else, but tied so low like that it looks like some sort of Masonic apron
I enjoyed this, thanks.
An earlier Hockney.
Drakes is closed for Christmas: orders won't be processed before Jan 3. Never had any problems with orders or deliveries: I love their next day delivery for Europe. Instant gratification!
As far as I know DS Dundee is made in Portugal and central Europe rather than China (though of course this may no longer be the case). I tried some jackets and knitwear a few years ago. Nice stuff in the heritage / tweed vein.
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