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I like one button sport coats but prefer peak lapels on the ones I have.
My wife and I returned from four days in NYC yesterday--our first visit. Here are some thoughts-- 1)negotiate everything even the bicycle guys 2) don't buy from the tour guys or sales people outside the various locations--go to the ticket window inside otherwise you will find you overpaid. Example the Empire State building. 3) Visit the Empire State building at night. The view is great then. Don't pay $15 extra to go to the 102 floor. The view at 86 does...
I'm still trying to figure out what's wrong with stripes.
Sartorialist began posting photos of well dressed men here and on AAAC. He then did a survey and found that most of his readers were women. That caused him to begin taking pictures of well dressed women. That led to fashion rather than well dressed. The rest is history.
Having been a lawyer for 40 years, I unequivocally say--be a businessman.
PM me. I have spares.
I call this "shopping in my closet" or "shopping in the basement." It is fun to find old friends.
Alex, I hope that when I am your age, I look and feel as young as you do.
Is this thread a joke? I sounds like a women's thread. If it isn't, I work out in the same mismatched, smelly stuff day after day. Cuff
AE's here and Buster Browns when I was a kid. Cuff
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