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were can i get this online?
I've bought 2 peices from Yeststyle and they are both shit. i bought this polo The fit was actually good. It is a one size shirt but it fit like a xs in most american shirts. it but it really smelled bad so I washed it. Then it shrank so small and the collar shrank so bad it looked stupid. I never got to wear it. I also bought this button down: Again the fit...
2010 is the loose pair which I have, If you have the one rinse then yes it will stretch 1-2 inches, I got the 29 and at first it was tight on the waste now its comfortably loose.
Are the prices listed already discounted or do we take another 40% off the list price? I think i'm gonna pick up a sweater .
I just bought some Spring courts from revovle for 59$ after the 30% off. They are really comfortable but i was wondering why they retail at 85$ if they are just made from canvas and made in thailand. I could have bought some vans and put some dr. scholls gel pads for less. Just wondering.
I really like that 5 button polo but its only in large.
I also bought a long sleeve polo with the front pockets. I hope its slim fit like the model. I bought a size 2. I have a size 36 chest if i inhale. This is one of the more expensive clothes i bought at 48 dollars. I hope its good quality.
I dont know about you guys but 50% of the time i go to a clothing store i get bothered by both employees and customers. employees ask me if they can help and customers think i work there or somthing and ask me for somthing.
I went to my friends house and his dog slobbered on my jeans. Will this make a smell? I only have 3 full day wears on it so i dont wanna wash or soak yet. Should i just frebreeze it? thanks..
How about the quality of target dress shirts? are they ok do they wrinkle? I bought some dress shirts from Express and they are crap and need to replace them but not expensive. Thank you.
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