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Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay I have the navy suit along with three others from the spring/summer collection. I did try on the grey Herringbone but didn't buy it because it is a 2 button and I prefer 3 button suits. The suits are of high quality and fit me very well. Do notice that the navy suit has white MoP buttons, which for most people would confine it to spring/summer; that is, unless you switch the buttons. How about trouser...
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 I believe your are partially right. I think Southwick makes the Made in USA 1818 suits for Brooks Brothers, not Hickey Freeman. What about made in Italy 1818 line suits? Who makes them? Are they any good? I supposed they are all half-canvassed,right?
Gents, thinking to get two Black Fleece suits,never owned one before. questions: Who makes these suits?Are they worth the price? I know that pants run rather slim,if I bought the 40R,what would the pants size be?What would the pants size be in 42R? any feedback on construction and quality is appreciated. thanks
sounds good,anything in 40R?Suits or coats? I assume they are already closed.
chorse123, what are the shoes?
Could someone post closer pictures?
PM sent on Incotex super 150's.
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