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I'll take the no name tweed jacket if it doesn't work for Doc.
do they run true to size?If you get the same size as you are in AE PA, would they work?
Quote: Originally Posted by dsteele Maybe a stupid question, but here goes: can I wear the AE Hales or similiar shoe in a business casual (no suits, ties or sport coats) office? yes,you can.But I would get the clifton if I were you,it's a blucher and is more suitable for casual outfits.
So you can't apply the 20% for Soho?I tried it,didn't work.Cognac looks nice,I wouldn't mind adding one to my rotation.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sator AE would be wise to look through its catalogue of patterns dating back to the 1930s and reviving old classics. This is much preferable to the silly fashion forward models it has been meddling with of late. +1,they have much better models that have been discontinued.
How is Cambridge different from McClain?Except maybe it's on a different last,but overall,I don't see a lot of difference.Also,it's only offered in shell and suede,no calf skin? Although,I must admit that I am very tempted by the suede,but not at that price.
Quote: Originally Posted by HHD I had a look at the Black Fleece collection in BB Paris yesterday. I liked the shirts, the suits were nicely done but expensive. The jacket lining was very attractive. I don't like the loop on the back of the suit jacket. those loops are hideous,this is one of the things I don't like about BF.Other than that,it's very good.If anybody has pictures of BF suits,please post.It would be interesting to see real pictures.
Quote: Originally Posted by The_Foxx hey, did you see that several black fleece items are on sale? the BB website has some (including suits, from $975 at sale price), I imagine the flagship has more of a selection. Actually, in looking at the sale items they are prices a human being might actually pay for some of those things! for example-- raglan coat Reg. $2500.00 Sale: $875.00 cardigan sweater Reg. $800.00 Sale: $210.00...
Quote: Originally Posted by incastoutcast I would certainly say with Brooks Brothers that they'll be doing a six inch drop unless they state otherwise - which means a 40 will have 34 inch waist, and a 42 a 36 inch. That said, listen to the posts above, and do buy the jacket size properly (you could request a different waist size from BB, they likely are more than happy to comply) and it is much easier to let out the waist (for 2 inches at most) than to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Toorman I'm a 40 which conformed to a BB2. I'd rather let out the pants on a 40 than try to "tailor down" the jacket. Great construction - but I have other Caruso suits that fit better. Worth a shot if you can return the items. Personally, I found the Thom Browne details more distracting than appealing. So did BB2 jacket fit you pretty well? Some say that you have to size up,I am a bit confused.I am 40 as well and...
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