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first suit is great,too bad measurements are not mine.Someone must buy it!
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar Fixed. Yes. Regards. ...
lee,is it 40R?How does it fit,true to size or bigger?
That DB with Peak Lapels looks very nice,too bad Greenfield suits are too boxy for me.If it was Made in Italy GF,I'd get it.
I would be interested in buying too,same size.
bought this for myself but selling it bc it is too small for me:
those belts are nice,especially the first one.I wish it was my size,can you get it in 34-36?
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs 10.5D wholecuts. They shipped from NJ yesterday. what is your regular size?You know these wholecuts run little big,I am starting to think that they are UK sizes.
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs "On FedEx vehicle for delivery!!" what did you buy?In what size?Wholecuts?
Quote: Originally Posted by Henry Boogers There is apparently a friends and family code coming the 24th, though it claims to not be valid with other offers which may very well include clearance sales. Any experience with this, and if positive experience I have dibs on the wholecut in 10.5. I've never seen friends and family working on clearance items,I highly doubt it will work.
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