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Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade This dibs thing could get ugly. Wait for him to post the pants, peeps. well,we better hurry up before aportnoy gets all of them
I'll take grey or charcoal wool in 34",please.
You think someone will buy anything from you with your ugly ass avatar?I,for once,wouldn't purchase anything from you.Get a hot chick for god's sake.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Because the construction is comparable to all the cobblers praised here? how do these shitty shoes compare to praised cobbler shoes?I am curious to know.
Quote: Originally Posted by T900 is this a good deal? bought on impulse... no,it's not,immediately return it.You can get Isaia suits at STP,two for $1000-1100.
dude,take your pictures on some nice mahogany table or whatever,that carpet looks filthy and I feel like I am looking at some thrift shop clothing.
Quote: Originally Posted by tonylumpkin A couple of weeks back, when Brooks had the 2 day, 70% off sale, I called my local store and ordered the Peal chukkas that were marked down to $168. The SA said she'd have them sent in and I could pick them up there. The next day she called back and told me they were no longer available in my size. Too bad for me. Well today I checked the site, and guess what? They're in stock in my size, at $264. I called and the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Steven Aver I am not sure why th einseam was 30 on the pants. The 3 suits others were not prehemmed. I will post the rise up in a few. Can you get the third suit in 40R?
Is the cut on these similar to RLPL suits or different?I imagine RL has its own specs,can anyone comment? What is the rise of the pants on 40R suit?Also,why is the seam 30" only?Is there extra fabric 3-4 inches?
RLPL suit is nice,any chance of getting it in 40R?
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