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Show sucks this season..
I see this thread has stayed pretty active.FYI,she is no longer in the country,when I said she is moving,I meant she is thinking of a permanent move but she is not physically present in the country so I think consulting attorneys or filing for bankrupcy will be challenging. As for the reasons,I won't go into details,but she had her own reasons and is not able to make payments because of her financial situation. All I wanted to know is whether or not US court decisions...
Let's just say that she is not able to make any payments,at this point,she wants to know what may happen to her.I do not know whether or not she will make payment,maybe at some point in the future,but is it possible that CC companies may sue her even if she is not in the country or just chase her in a different country?
Little advise needed here,my sister is moving to Australia for indefinite period of time.She has some credit card debt here in the US (probably in 20-30K range),she is unable to pay it off right now is wondering if the CC companies or debt collectors will chase her in AU.What could possibly happen while she is in AU,can her wages be garnished,etc? thanks in advance
Hopefully someone in Adelaide can help me out. I have a mobile phone number and need to know who it belongs to. Is there any way I can find this out? Any feedback is appreciated. thanks
shonuff,if you are not used to side tabs,they may be uncomfortable at the beginning,I never could get used to them,even though they look pretty good,so I cut them off and have the belt loops attached. For some reason I feel naked if I don't wear a belt.
Quote: Originally Posted by Narciso Damn, exactly what I wanted. Too bad I can't quite afford it yet. Maybe it'll last until next month You better get it,I don't think this will last long. Moreover, I don't think you will be able to get such a deal,it's not a steal but it is a good deal.
I have a feeling that ed will be back on Sunday so everyone can rest now..
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 What's so dandy about it? It's as classic as it gets. Slanted and ticket pockets,I'd still wear it,solid gray suit,doesn't get better.
that's a bad ass suit,too bad not my size.
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