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Just my .02c: would like a Passport Wallet in Cognac or Black.
Ordered a Navy after following this thread closely. Seems the consensus is it will be up to snuff (vs. paying $2K for a Zegna/Valextra/Hermes etc.) Strongly considering ordering a Cognac as well. If I am understanding it correctly, prices will increase +$100 after 2 days?
I know many WIS have something of a distaste for the AP ROO line... but hell if this ain't my favorite sports watch in the world. 44mm Forged Carbon:
Fresh '12 PSD4s (and PSP2s) are smoking fantastic. I've smoked like 6 in the past 2 weeks - all fantastic with signature salty caramel tobacco taste. Probably the best "young" stick this year. I'm pretty surprised neither are in CA's Top 10 this year. For shame!
Happy Xmas morning with a Partagas Lusitania... a mind-blowingly good smoke. Just sweet tobacco flavors that progressively gets stronger. They should make candles out of this scent. If I had 2 hours to kill every morning I would stockpile these.
Smoked a few recently: Por Larranaga Petit Corona - Good but not sure if I'll buy another cab. Good value since they come in 50s. Mild, toasty flavor and very different than other petit coronas. They seem to be plugged or have draw problems higher than usual; about 5-10% chance (seems to be my experience with PCs in general). When on, they produce an exceptional amount of smoke and a superb aroma - possibly it's best feature. Makes the room smell fantastic. Cohiba...
Just wanted to give a heads up that fresh Boli RC's 12' are smoking wonderfully right now. VERY oily and great sheen - miles different from RASS 12' which have little to no sheen and no taste right now. May have to load up on that as well as the remarkably consistent PSD4 / PSP2.
Cohiba Siglo line are medium in strength. In fact I find them quite mild overall, but very flavorful and creamy. I believe they are designed to appeal to a wide consumer market, from rare smokers to aficionados alike, being a Cohiba and all.Most CC's don't have the strength of an aged NC, like a Padron, in the first place so if you are expecting a nicotine kick you generally won't get that in a CC.
Siglo II if you are willing to splurge. Very creamy, mild, excellent all-around smoke. It's the one that got me hooked. I stopped smoking Monte 4s after I got tired of the inconsistencies and grassiness of young ones.
First time I've had these - MAY10 box. These are unreal! Incredibly smooth and creamy. I would recommend them over the Mag46 if you have the time as they are not that much more expensive. Now I need to try the Mag48...
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