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$10 price drop.
Big drops. need to move this. make me offers.
burn it. it's pretty much useless.
drops on everything.
Quote: Originally Posted by a2_hennessy Also, your hair is fucking awesome. ftfy the dude obviously wears his clothes well and has fun doing it.
Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinsense mmm must cop cardboard 5-zip
Can i get measurements on these?
BB tie sold & drop on Dior
Shipping included in all prices. PM me if you need anything. Feel free to make offers. 1. Brooks Brothers 2 button sportcoat - 100% wool charcoal/light blue glenplaid - $15 Noticed this one's missing the top button, but that shouldn't be too hard to fix. p2p: 21.5" s2s: 19" Sleeve: 23" Back Length: 31.25" 2. Christian Dior 2 button sportcoat - 100% wool charcoal POW $15 p2p 21" s2s 20" sleeve 25" Back length 31.25" Gant shirt -...
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