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Quote: Originally Posted by softy sq4you i laughed out loud at this
Get Ande Whall jeans, there's a pretty good variety of cuts and he can make inseams up to 44".
how long is an inseam for someone who's 7'1?
Quote: Originally Posted by dawit I wanted to do it in worm because the jeans gone bit baggy on me. i'm pretty sure a worm wash wouldn't do the jeans much good
Quote: Originally Posted by Rompson For $30 you could have gotten one of these: Uploaded with Came here expecting this thread to be about these
yeah, sorry dude that looks huge.
one hundred dollars on these bad boys.
Quote: Originally Posted by J Escobar Whoever got that J Crew peacoat is a very lucky guy. It was me free bump. great seller.
5% price drop.
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