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Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude puppy chewed the ends of my laces yesterday ... where do i go to get replacement laces? any alternatives that are better quality then the ones that come with? (not puppy proof, just general better quality ... i wont be leaving my shoes out again) I contacted clarks for a replacement pair, just say they broke and they'll send you a new pair. If you've got beeswax though, they will most likely send...
Burberry polo sold, more drops.
Ben Sherman sold, a couple drops.
posted some measurements, drops.
Decided i'd like to fund a TOJ so it's time to clean out the closet. Everything is OBO and includes shipping to the US, PM me for international shipping details. Measurements to come soon, or PM me if they aren't up yet. Banana Republic outlet peacoat - size M - $50 Actually a very nice coat, worn for a couple winters but still in great condition. No rips or anything in the lining. Wool/poly blend. p2p is 21.5, sleeve length 26.75, shoulder 18. J. Crew...
goddammit fuck being broke right now. free bump for a good seller.
Quote: Originally Posted by halisray Why not say Temple of Jawnz? Quite frankly I think they should keep the name; that is what they have come to be known for. ToJ is original and isn't lame... and people will remember it once they've heard it because it is just different from other brands. I say stick with it. My favorite response to the "who's it from" question is "the first rule of fight club..." which was posted a couple pages ago i think.
aeglus, i don't even want to know what would happen if fyad got a hold of those pictures
Quote: Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak God DAMN that is hot. wow.
Drops on everything. super cheap now.
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