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Quote: Originally Posted by TransparentCranium This. To others on this forum. I don't think you realize the value offered by TOJ. Great leather, 3 classic styles, slim fit being standard. Full mtm service. A choice of two high quality leathers. Leather jackets need to fit perfectly, finding one that does, on sale, for less than 600 is a task. Toj brings you something sure to fit you, for under 600. If you know about TOJ and are still searching for a...
man, that ervell owns and we're exactly the same size, but alas i am broke
Quote: Originally Posted by skeleton want.
Looking for a moto, size 47 or 48 would be awesome. Let me know.
how much is the moto now?
those olive/black shoes are SICK
sissy spacerock
Quote: Originally Posted by Kvc06 Home for the holidaze infinitely better than your rolled up highwaters fits
Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet Hey, forgot to post up my new tattoo. For any old-school hardcore fans out there, it was done by Civ of Gorilla Biscuits. I get it colored in on December 20th. What do you guys think? See larger owns.
big price drops today. need to sell.
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