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they're made by zuriick. not sure the model though
now sold. can't edit the original post.
i like the basic tees from the banana republic outlet more than the ones in the regular stores. they fit me perfectly and the v is quite shallow.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nightclubber why the hate on mens warehouse? im probably going to purchase this blazer have you ever been in one? you get raped by a salesperson as soon as you walk through the door, and the one time i went looking for a suit there they put me in a size 42 (i'm a 38) and told me i looked awesome.
look out for me in the clubs next week. i'll be the one in the mens wearhouse blazer
out of curiosity, what school in nashville?
can't edit the original post anymore, but price drop to $90.
holyshit why am i broke right now wahhhh
Quote: Originally Posted by jaac Toj leather's, so soft their considered pjs. grammar, so hard they taught it in first grade
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus I already made a vid but don't know if I actually want videos of me since I already have enough pics on the net Probably will post anyway so I don't feel bad about the 20 minutes I wasted on it. Also couldn't think of anything interesting to do, just walking like I do for photos. get someone who knows after effects to put in an explosion behind you
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