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Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese I walked outside only to find that my plant had an accident all over the porch. i really like a lot of your stuff but i can't get this.
Quote: Originally Posted by UrbanAesthetics @mike868y You really took time out of your life to create that awful graphic of me and reiterate old words about me? Same with @BEAR JEW . Really? Their called women. Try talking to them more instead of wasting your death clock talking unnecessary shit about me and just help somebody out for a change! Wow. You guys are just making yourselves look bad.. fuck. learn how to write before you go starting...
also, for fucks sake dude (@UA), learn the right uses of there their they're. 2nd grade shit.
Quote: Originally Posted by JapanAlex01 Wow, this guy must have raped your sister, or something? i have nothing against the dude's character or personality, he definitely THINKS he looks awesome and confidence is half the battle but the other half of the battle is actually looking good which he fails at.
tbqh urbanaesthetics looks ridiculous 90% of the time
i'm voting harrington. e: comedy option: toj1/ma-1 goretex with brown goat sleeves, with zip-in harrington liner
WTB zappos / nike gift cards. looking for around $85 worth
don't use fucking comic sans
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol name shit [[SPOILER]] hahaha "basarisk" made me laugh
So, i have a bunch of credit towards some magazine subscriptions - as far as men's style magazines which is best: gq, details, or esquire?
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