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Quote: Originally Posted by jpgm APC crepe soled boots hell's bells bauhaus sugarcane belt claude maus t country road merino v-neck KC peacoat uniqlo hat georg jensen ring How much was that coat? i love it.
Where can i get a decent belt for not that much money? The one I have right now is from American Eagle, and despite being over a year old still gets all this brown shit all over my wastband and the left front pocket. I figured this would go away with use, but it hasn't.
Alright, cool thanks. I'll look into it, although i'll probably end up getting the APC's anyways.
Quote: Originally Posted by aging in rhythm nice ernie ball. thanks. i love it to death. I've never heard of revolve before, i'll have to check them out. and yeah i figured they weren't truly raw, the stretchiness kinda turned me of. I've tried on 501 STF's before, so i know what real raw jeans feel like. I guess i was just looking for a cheaper way to get into the whole raw denim thing, but now i'll probably just look at getting myself...
I don't know how to get the image out of the website, it's in flash but this is the link to them: also, i've lurked here and around somethingawful for a while now, so i've got a fair idea as to what i want to dress like, i just lack the cash/a place to get good stuff and i'd rather not buy something blind without trying it on.
Hey guys, i'm new around here, I'm a newly graduated high school kid and i think my style should grow with me. Most all the clothes I own are from Hollister and A&F, mostly becuase i live in nowheresville, USA and there's no good higher class stores around me. Although, I did find a jean in Express that are labeled as "raw", and they fit pretty good. They were stretchy though, and something about that tells me that they're not truly raw. anyone know the story? edited for...
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