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Quote: Originally Posted by aqhong The post you responded to is three years old. oh. shit.
I would be very interested in the brown Gordon's if the other person backs out.
Selling these rag and bones - the thighs are just too big for me. Got them from the R&B gilt sale a couple months ago, wore them maybe three times and decided I didn't like them. no fading / creasing set in. I have a couple of the tags still, if that really matters to you. SOLD
Quote: Originally Posted by inviscid How do I order from that site? I too live in NY and that seems like a faaantastic price to pay for a pair. Also wondering the sizing as well. I wear a 10 in chucks, what should i go for?♠ how did you end up getting them? I can't find them anywhere on the site that was linked.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel What are these pants? they're awesome.
My only beef with the shirt was that the sides of the curved hem came up too far and i was showing some sideskin.
what's the best online MTM shirt store?
Does this offer still stand?
first styleforum fit that i can remember: Gap / Dior / Nike boring until it gets cooler.
taylor swift doesn't care about black people
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