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grey jeans sz. 32?
Quote: Originally Posted by levi Knowing that this board is dedicated to jeans, i thought i might come here. I saw this fit and really liked it, and i was wondering if anyone could tell me something that comes close to it. I'm interested in the fit kanye's wearing in this photo. I'm 28x28, and i was wondering what size i should get and what brand/fit i should get to get this look. Any help would...
Some random more SF-approved stuff from my closet: BNWT Polo RL polo: classic fit size s. new with tags, never worn. not from the outlet. $35 shipped. Express 1MX Fitted shirt: Size S. it's just too small for me. BNWOT, never worn for more than a minute or so, but washed and ironed once. Thought doing that would make it fit me better, but it didn't. $30 shipped
What's the deal with international shipping?
Quote: Originally Posted by BEAR JEW whatup.
Anyone have some extra beeswax DB laces that i could get from them? I ordered some from Clarks, but they sent me dark brown ones..
Anyone have any of the Lacoste Red series polos that they can give me the measurements on?
Wow, can't believe that's a small.
What are the measurements on the m65?
Pictures of the RRL shirt?
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