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late to the game, but here goes nothing!
Quote: Originally Posted by joel_954 Any idea what model the Rag & Bone jeans are? RB6, RB11, RB15...etc.? They're RB15's, they used to be mine actually haha
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter Try American Apparel... I found the bodies and arms way too long for me, although apparently they do shrink in the wash. I have a bunch of AA, and i'm like perfectly stuck inbetween a medium and a small. Mediums fit me in the chest but are big everywhere else, and smalls are just tight.
where to get long-sleeve basics with a slim body / high armholes and long arms? i like stacking on longsleeves and i also have long arms.
measurements on the vintage chinos?
Let me know what you have. size M/S.
is the gap jacket the raw one from this season?
Would buy if they didn't boot out so much..
what's the length on that sweater?
any leg measurements? mainly upper thigh / leg opening also i'm pretty sure your measurements are wrong, unless you put 44 instead of 34..and the waist measurement puts it at around 37? which doesn't seem right
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