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Anyone have experience with varvatos star usa? They're on gilt tomorrow and i've got credit.
Want a casual, slim OCBD - preferrably white and preferrably ~$50. p2p of 20'' or so.
Quote: Originally Posted by MockProper Vest Sold price drop on jacket to $35...need a quick sale what's the p2p on the jacket?
30" from the back middle of the collar down to the longest part of the curved hem.
Chiming in to say that the hotrod deluxe is a great little tube amp for a pretty good price.
Very nice khaki western shirt, size small. Just bought it a few days ago from a seller on here, it's like a half size too small for me. 19.5 p2p. Fits slim. picture is huge ans shitty so it's linked: http://i48.tinypic.com/wvsnb4.jpg I'll get the previous seller's pictures whenever he PM's me back. I'd love to trade for an RRL shirt in medium or a white oxford of some sort.
Quote: Originally Posted by user7 yes. If the site won't let you, try calling. I think they'll even credit you the shipping and let you return (once or twice..) if it's too late. sent a message via the email system, hope it gets there in time. i'll call them tomorrow morning too.
can you cancel a gilt order before it ships?
Quote: Originally Posted by itsmedeka Just trying to recoup what I paid, not sure where your getting your prices from but if you can prove you've seen such I'll adjust my pricing accordingly. I paid $50 before tax and I think it was well worth it. http://www.target.com/Merona-Washed-...0Shirt%20Denim I'm not really that interested, i just thought the pricing looked a bit over the top.
You do know that merona is target brand and retails for like $30, right? i've seen a whole size run of them at my local target on clearance for $4.99
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