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30" from the back middle of the collar down to the longest part of the curved hem.
Chiming in to say that the hotrod deluxe is a great little tube amp for a pretty good price.
Very nice khaki western shirt, size small. Just bought it a few days ago from a seller on here, it's like a half size too small for me. 19.5 p2p. Fits slim. picture is huge ans shitty so it's linked: I'll get the previous seller's pictures whenever he PM's me back. I'd love to trade for an RRL shirt in medium or a white oxford of some sort.
Quote: Originally Posted by user7 yes. If the site won't let you, try calling. I think they'll even credit you the shipping and let you return (once or twice..) if it's too late. sent a message via the email system, hope it gets there in time. i'll call them tomorrow morning too.
can you cancel a gilt order before it ships?
Quote: Originally Posted by itsmedeka Just trying to recoup what I paid, not sure where your getting your prices from but if you can prove you've seen such I'll adjust my pricing accordingly. I paid $50 before tax and I think it was well worth it. I'm not really that interested, i just thought the pricing looked a bit over the top.
You do know that merona is target brand and retails for like $30, right? i've seen a whole size run of them at my local target on clearance for $4.99
anyone have shipley jeans and can comment on them? i'm looking at the grey ones on gilt right now
I want to buy the APC pin off your jeans. I lost mine and i want one. Tried contacting APC about it, nobody got back to me. .
yeah i'm gonna guess dick ovens (i just wanted an excuse to say that)
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