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loden dager / tshirt / apc / lacoste
Quote: Originally Posted by underwearer Id rather wear cut off khakis.[/IMG] Gap Original khakis hemmed to 10" make the best shorts.
i made literally this face
p2p and length on the FP and APC polos?
Why by d&g if you're gonna take off the logo?
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one I have a hair on hide zebra skin on my floor right now... I could make someone a jacket from it.... for about $10,000 This would be the sickest thing to ever exist.
I'm not positive, but i'm an S in J.Crew.
Anyone have experience with varvatos star usa? They're on gilt tomorrow and i've got credit.
Want a casual, slim OCBD - preferrably white and preferrably ~$50. p2p of 20'' or so.
Quote: Originally Posted by MockProper Vest Sold price drop on jacket to $35...need a quick sale what's the p2p on the jacket?
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