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He's obviously striving towards SUCCESS.
Quote: Originally Posted by eelnosnor combs tell me the secret to combs. i can NEVER get them to pop like this
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Here's how it fits, just took some quick shots: last two pics fucking own
what's the p2p on the perry striped shirt?
i LOVE that varvatos cardi and it would fit me but it would be way too short. free bump for good stuff.
Need a black skinny tie cheap ($0-$15 ish, will go over if it's nicer), don't really care who makes it or what it's made out of as long as it's slim and black. solid preferred, subtle patterns ok.
do they have that same horrible smell?
little too skinny at the hem for me, i'll pass.
PM sent.
Any pictures of that double-ring bracelet a couple pages back on someone?
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