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Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock went to target to buy a coffee pot today, walked out with these not as slim or low profile as I'm used to but does the $20 job. i got these to work in for $5! you overpaid seriously though, they're actually very comfortable. totally worth a five spot.
can someone explain (0) etc to me
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol not at all, someone should take the leap i'm thinking about it. only thing i'm unsure about is sizing, i'm usually a 9.5 ish but i have superga's that are 43 that fit, and are maybe even a little big.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol bunch of fake lanvins on ebay right now, not bad tbh lol know anything about the quality? i don't give a fuck if they're fake
Quote: Originally Posted by nicelynice I know you're joking, but just for the record, I buy almost all my clothing used (well, bought a new pair of W&H sweats and misc. stuff for backpacking) and resell it to fund my purchases. Took two years off from school to work fulltime so I wouldn't have loans. Excluding a suit, which my mom bought me for a birthday/graduation present, spent less than $1000 on clothing in the past two years. There's some serious...
what's the logical "next step up" from desert boots in the chukka boot category?
He's obviously striving towards SUCCESS.
Quote: Originally Posted by eelnosnor combs tell me the secret to combs. i can NEVER get them to pop like this
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Here's how it fits, just took some quick shots: last two pics fucking own
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