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Recommend me a restaurant - NYC, preferrably near soho area, $60 or so for two people.
i read your other thread and saw that you'd trade for s.4 lacoste or medium RL custom fit, i wear those sizes too but 18" sounds small.
what's the p2p / length on it? pm sent.
Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock went to target to buy a coffee pot today, walked out with these not as slim or low profile as I'm used to but does the $20 job. i got these to work in for $5! you overpaid seriously though, they're actually very comfortable. totally worth a five spot.
can someone explain (0) etc to me
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol not at all, someone should take the leap i'm thinking about it. only thing i'm unsure about is sizing, i'm usually a 9.5 ish but i have superga's that are 43 that fit, and are maybe even a little big.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol bunch of fake lanvins on ebay right now, not bad tbh lol know anything about the quality? i don't give a fuck if they're fake
Quote: Originally Posted by nicelynice I know you're joking, but just for the record, I buy almost all my clothing used (well, bought a new pair of W&H sweats and misc. stuff for backpacking) and resell it to fund my purchases. Took two years off from school to work fulltime so I wouldn't have loans. Excluding a suit, which my mom bought me for a birthday/graduation present, spent less than $1000 on clothing in the past two years. There's some serious...
what's the logical "next step up" from desert boots in the chukka boot category?
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