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SOLD. thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by JackTheRipper I'm kinda confused. I thought Sperrys run large which is why most people size down and you got a 43.5 (which is like a US9.5)? So the GATs run super large? the seller also included the japanese (?) size which was something like 280, which is the measurement in mm of the insole of the shoe. i actually used that measurement to decide that they would fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by JackTheRipper Alright, I'll try using google translator. Thanks a bunch. How do GATs size in regards to let's say Clarks DBs or Sperrys? And Pinhas, there's only Alter left in Franklin St, brooklyn. If they don't carry it, then the only option is to order them online. I believe shipping is free. i'm a 10 in sperry and a 9 / 9.5 in converse and i got a 43.5 and they fit perfect. also mine have a longer tongue than...
Quote: Originally Posted by JackTheRipper How do you guys find GATs on ebay? I read that you could search them up in German, but the whole shipping/customs thing was really complicated. i searched "bundeswehr sportschuhe ebay" on google and it came up, and used a translator (use simple english so it doesn't get fucked up) to communicate with the seller and ask if he shipped to the states. he marked it as a gift so i didn't get hit with customs.
got these off german ebay. they're really comfortable.
i'm hoping they're under 100.
hoooly fuck would have instakopped these if i had noticed it earlier.
Recommend me a restaurant - NYC, preferrably near soho area, $60 or so for two people.
i read your other thread and saw that you'd trade for s.4 lacoste or medium RL custom fit, i wear those sizes too but 18" sounds small.
what's the p2p / length on it? pm sent.
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